Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen replacement / Fix / Repair / skärmbyte

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How to replace Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F screen.

Samsung Galaxy S7 skärmbyte i Göteborg:

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26 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen replacement / Fix / Repair / skärmbyte

  1. This is just all fine and dandy.. but.. where is the screen replacement?? all you did was disassemble the S7 and did not show any screen replacement,which is quite odd since it clearly says in the description of your video "Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen replacement / Fix / Repair / skärmbyte" ?? i think you should rename your video.

  2. I don't see him actually replacing the screen. The screen is NOT removed in this video. This is a tear-down and put back together video. You need to take take back off to get to the screen connector, on the right side of the phone.
    The screen is glued on like the back. I am in the process of replacing a screen myself. I got the glass only but while taking the glass off but the digitizer/sensor/LCD part ripped. So now I am replacing the Screen and Digitizer assembly. I got one through fixez dot com.

    A few reviews suggest getting the insurance. I recommend it too, now.

  3. Does the edge screen replacement come with all of the inner components as well? (IE, USB port and heating coils) You showed us you taking it apart, but not a side by side of the new and old

  4. I'm wondering why you used the term "screen replacement" in describing this video. There's nothing in it showing screen replacement. (Which is what I was looking for.)

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