Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Malfunction and Flickering

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rip s7 edge

was about to play around my phone before going to sleep then suddently after unlocking the phone this happened out of nowhere.

did all the resets possible, even the hard reset (factory reset) etc.
nothing worked.

EDIT: Yes, my phone has been fixed. I brought my phone to the local Samsung Customer Service and they fixed it in one day.

30 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Malfunction and Flickering

  1. fucking samsung, not even a month old and its having these seizures, not to mention all the other minor problems. Had same iphone for over 3 years with no issues. Fuck this I'm switching back

  2. This is exactly what happened to my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge as well. I have finally got it back from the repair after 8 days. They were waiting for the display to replace the original one. All good now – so far. ;-)

  3. Hi there, here Mark from The Netherlands – got the same issue (S7 is two weeks old) called the retailer and they'll switch it for a new one….hopefully one without this bug, looks like a hardware issue – Samsung should tackle this.

  4. people asking for fixes, don't even bother trying to fix it yourself and send it to your local Samsung customer service while it's still new. I tried every reset (factory reset, etc.) possible and had no luck. Obviously a manufacture faulty.

    you don't want to lose your warranty fiddling around your phone do you?

  5. I'm so upset my phone has been at the company since a week ago and theyr telling me they don't have prts for it and i have to wait .. I payed alot of money for that and is useless crap can anybody explain to me what's wrong with it is it the motherboard or the screen or a chip in it? Mine suddenly did that flickering then increased slowly to the point it will only show a white line and it went soo hot first when i use it only the always on display used to work and when i unlock it flickeres and when i put it on ccharge the flickering goess less , i don't understand the problem someone help please ???

  6. well looks like more and more are doing this now. guy i customer services hung up on me cause when he asked for my mobile number i lost it. 90min passed from agent to agent. got my money who cares.

  7. Hi im having the same problem, phone gets really hot and screen starts flickering and turning black.
    Bought mine in india (less then a month) the warranty is only valid there, so if any solution comes please tell me.

  8. I have the same problem, even to the point where the purple flickering pattern is the same. It seems to occur once the battery gets below about 50% and yeah I also notice it getting really hot.

  9. I have the same problem. I've read something in the thread about S5 that has the same screen flickering that the battery soldering was poorly made, and as the phone gets too hot the soldering gets unstable and causes this. I'll have to send my phone back from US to Europe for warranty repair, since it seems like there's no easy fix for that.

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