Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review | Worth The Upgrade? (4K)

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The CURVY Galaxy S7 Edge has a beautiful display, huge battery and improved low-light camera, but is the curved edge a useful feature or useless gimmick? This extended review of the S7 Edge looks at the design, display, speed, battery, camera, special features and asks whether you should buy / upgrade to Samsung’s latest flagship.

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24 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review | Worth The Upgrade? (4K)

  1. to the guys who wanna buy this phone : just wait for 2 months and note 7 edge will be released. it will be like kraken it will destroy what stands in its way. dont waste your money on that shit

  2. You are right i guess about the typing part, that seems irritating, thanks for that:( I want the s7, i wait for a phone over more then a half year. Normally i take one the first week i can get it.
    I want a bigger screen then my s3 at the moment :))). s7 is bigger, but not that much, the edge is so much bigger it looks, but i hate the edges.

  3. Just to let everyone know, any case you get will fix the palm touching the screen annoyance. I have a slim case and it still keeps my palm well away from the edge of the screen

  4. im buying one and on the box of the sasmung it doesnt say european sim only it just says if seal is broken etc, im from UK buying of gumtree is this legit

  5. Great review! It seemed to only highlight the negatives at the beginning but you really showed how great it was near the end. But nice job!

  6. Liked your review, first one watched, and I had a hard time deciding on the phone, I ordered a s7 edge .. and plan to use a case, I went with it due to expandable storage over the note 5 … What is your daily driver phone?

  7. A fantastic review, love it. Things I'd like to see different in this phone are: higher MP camera (and native 16:9 aspect ratio), much improved speaker, high quality audio output, improved software and the home button from the S6 since it looks much nicer than the S7's. If there is anything else, it would be nice if the side buttons were just as thick as they are on the regular S7, tight fit, but not impossible.

  8. The sound is pretty bad probably due to ip68 water and dust resistant, this is the only thing I can't tolerate with S7 edge.
    Besides this, I can't find another perfect phone than S7 edge up to date, I really love my S7 edge.

  9. I don't get it, it's just a scratch, it adds character to the phone o.o why do people get so annoyed about drop down nicks and scratches if you screen and actual body is safe. sure if the phone was getting scratching just from use and being in your pocket but dude, ya dropped it.

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