Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review: Two Months Later

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We review the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge after using the device for more than two months. The Galaxy S7 edge is most likely going to be the smartphone to beat of 2016. It features the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB RAM, 5.5″ Super AMOLED QHD display, 12MP camera sensor with a f1.7 aperture and OIS, fingerprint scanner, IP68 water-resistance, 3600 mAh battery, wireless charging, and runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow out-of-the-box. It’s one of the most well-rounded smartphones we’ve ever reviewed. What are your thoughts of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone?

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33 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review: Two Months Later

  1. This is same review you did two months ago. thumbs down. if the title says after two months don't give another review of the phone. give us your opinion. we already know the specifics.

  2. All i have had is problems from the S7 Edge, I've had it sense release and i am now stuck with it for 2 years…. Heres the story of my time with the S7 Edge. Got it on the day of release and fell in love with it but a couple of days later i started to notice a glitch that kept happening, the screen would randomly open and close apps. Got really annoying as it kept happening randomly. I performed to factory resets and the problem consisted still. So contacted my provider (3 – Three) and they sent sent me a replacement phone the next day witch i was very happy with. Got the new phone set it up with my backup and boom perfectly working S7 Edge again. Then about a two days later another glitch started to happen the multi window function kept going on and off and my finger/case would not be near it and yes it did happen when i wasn't even touching the phone. Contacted my provider again and they said and i quote 'we have washed our hands of your device' i did phone them a couple more times about the device before they said this. So i turned my concern towards Samsung. Contacted them and they kept telling me the same thing to factory reset and all that rubbish, then they just said to send it in to be repaired which i though great as i would actually have a working phone by now. Some one picked it up the following day and there i waited for over a week with my old Iphone 4s XD for my S7 Edge to come home. Got it back just after a week and as soon as i opened the package what do i see only but scratches across the screen, now this was a device out of the box so i sent it off mint condition to get it back scratched on the back and front of the phone. But then i turned it on put all my apps and info in etc and what happens… the glitch happens again. And more frequent than when i sent it off! So to not only get back a damaged device but the problem which i sent it off for was still happening. So contacting Samsung again and they kept sending me to different departments : Customer services, repair center, head office, customer complaints where none of them could explain why this happened to my device so a man from Samsung said that a manager will contact me within 3 days. So i waited and waited for nearly 2 weeks then i phoned them myself, just to get an answer from a man saying 'he didn't know that he had to phone you'. What kind of company says that to someone. But he then spoke to the manager and all he said was that the scratches were my fault because i didn't take pictures before sending it. Of a new device! and that i should send it to be repaired again. After last time of sending it off it would come back in two pieces. So i decided to keep the phone to try and see if i could live with it until about 2 weeks later when i had enough. Phoned up Samsung again and they said i could turn off this feature… i though of wow how did i not notice until the people at Samsung looked at one of there colleges S7 Edge to find there was no feature as i already looked! Then they told me a man would phone me to do a remote fix from the repair center. Waited a couple of days for him to phone and all he said after going through the phone was i cant do anything for you all you can do it wait for an update to come out that Samsung may or may not be doing for this problem. Thanks for nothing guy! About 2 weeks later an update came out and finally something worked! I was so relived until one day the phone deleted everything off of my SD card….. all my pictures applications gone. Now apps im not bothered about but pictures is another story, currently as im writing this my girlfriend is 19 weeks pregnant and i had scan photos on my phone and they were lost forever as the SD card couldn't even be read by my PC. The phone corrupted my SD card, so i bought a new 128GB SD card and the same thing happened the phone corrupted the card and i cannot use either card again for anything. Phoned Samsung and all the guy on the phone could say is wow as they had notes on all the problems i had with the device in total. He said a manager would phone me to organize something he said he would phone on Wednesday. I called on the Saturday. Waited 2 weeks from when i first called to find out that the guy who did my application for a call closed it….. waited two weeks to find that out so this guy who i am now talking did the form correctly and i should be expecting a call today (31/05/16) from a manager. And all the manager is going to do is listen to my complaints and do nothing. So yeah i've had the worst time with this phone and i am now stuck with it for 2 years. Yay me!

  3. Used this phone for a month and went right back to my iPhone 6s Plus. Last time I switch to Samsung. Same old glitchy buggy Samsung. I restarted that phone more times in a month than I did all year with my iPhone.

  4. The speaker is not bad and it's still a big improvement over the previous Galaxy devices. It's easily comparable to the iPhone 6's speaker, which is far from bad.

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