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Bringing you the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review!
The new Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge is not much different from last year’s model. However, taking the beautiful design language from last year’s Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5 a few changes were made, this essentially made it an exceptional phone.

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10 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review: Pros and Cons | MyCarrier

  1. i plan on buying this phone tomorrow. i was trying to get the side to swipe, but idk if its bc i was playing with the stores version that it went on. my friend has the s6 edge and it wasnt showing the side apps like it should of.

    i guess my question is, is it easy to swipe up and down on the side when the screen is asleep?

  2. Hey Usmaan… Thanks for the awesome (no nonsense) review.. Just picked one (plus one) today.. Got a good deal with with my provider.

    P.S. Your review helped a lot!!

    Thanks much!!!

  3. very true i am having samsung S5 thinking to buy S7 edge! but i am totallt dependent on IR blaster my dstv | TV | AC | home theater everything is on my mobile i dnt use any remote at all just ir blaster
    cuz of this system i am not gonna buy s7 edge!!
    Sorry Samsung!

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