Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review: Finally The Real Deal

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Galaxy S7 Edge Skins:
Galaxy S7 Skins:

Samsung’s website claims that one of the reasons to buy a Galaxy S7 edge is because hey – It’s a Galaxy. Because your phone should give you the freedom to do more. And it’s the least that it should do given the pretty penny you’re investing for one. But does it finally live up to all that marketing hype?

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but every time that we’ve reviewed a Galaxy flagship, there was always something missing. The Galaxy S5 had expandable everything, but we hated it’s cheap plastic. The Galaxy S6 brought amazing build quality, but then expandability took a back seat. Never had there been a Galaxy that was able to balance the desires of everyone, And it seems that Samsung finally got the memo.

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50 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review: Finally The Real Deal

  1. The worst part of the GS7 edge is the edge, no one asked for a curved edge screen, why does Samsung act like consumers were demanding a curved edge that does nothing useful but make the screen smaller and causes unintentional touches

  2. While I'll give you that they should have added fast charge 3.0, USB type c has had several problems, and they needed compatibility with gear vr.

  3. I need help! I have a iphone 6 plus, which I do like, however I'm bored of Apple and looking at getting this phone. I want to know what is the edge screen actually like to hold and use. Does the curved edges make it difficult to hold? Also does the light reflect off of the edges?

  4. Right from First day I facing issue of apps getting crashed most annoying is getting "Unfortunately, has stopped" reported to samsung solution provided is Factory Reset. I have told them it is reproducible when we go Gallery each time, I expected if I tell the root cause they may fix it with some patch in future. I think this is smart stay feature issue I hope Samsung will take up this issue and work for Fixing it
    Even Overheating during charging did they miss adding cooling liquid for few phones?

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