Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review | After The Hype! [4K]

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Check out the photos I took with the S7 Edge:

Gear Used:
Canon 6d
Konova K2 Slider
Rokinon 24mm Cine Lens
Rokinon 50mm Cine Lens

Editing Software:

Gaming Gear:
El Gato HD60
Xbox One

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31 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review | After The Hype! [4K]

  1. I sincerely do don't agree that this is the best phone money can buy, u r entitled to your opinion which is what it is nothing more. I have tested this phone side by side with the Sony Xperia z5 premium and the Premium comes out tops in almost every category except in low light performance of the camera.

  2. This is a good vid over all, and i enjoyed you observations. but sorry, you are dead wrong with the fingerprint scanner. IF you set it up right it works easily close to 100%of the time. The only time mine has ever rejected my finger, was when i put it on the scanner unlike how i scanned it in, during setup. And that is extremely rare. On a day to day basis, it works 100%of the time.
    The trick is to take your time, and be extremely thorough when setting it up. Do the sides, the tip, the bottom and the top of your finger. If you do this it will work every time. Another bit of advice, after the first finger, input multiple fingers on the rest of the three other finger setups. In other words, set the first finger up as described above, then on each of the other setups, use three other fingers on each one. It works remarkably well. I have helped eight friends and coworkers setup their scanners on a s7 or s7e, and all report it works every time. btw, you can setup your index finger to unlock it while sitting flat on the desk. it works perfectly well. Hope this helps. Good vid.

  3. I came from a 6S Plus, Edge selects content when you don't want to with things like picking up the phone or repositioning your hand. Pain in the arse actually. Speigan Clear case has solved that problem making the bezels more prominent. Fingerprint scanner I couldn't agree more. It's fine if your holding your phone but if it's on your desk you've no chance.
    I look after my phones all the time, I had my 6S Plus since launch and when I sold it, it was mark free. Had the S7 Edge 1 month and 2 scratches on the screen already. Usability?? Some days it's lightning fast, other days there is stutter and lag, but not enough to piss me off but compared to my iPhone 6S Plus the performance overall is poorer.
    I stand by my decision that the phone is Decent but I prefer IOS.
    If your thinking of switching from an iPhone 6S Plus or the standard 6S I'd say don't do it.
    Battery Life? Oh my God, Amazing!
    Great content by the way!!

  4. good video so I'm glad someone else feels the same way about the fingerprint sensor!! owning the 6s before this the 6s is more reliable. Not faster! but will work most every time

  5. Bad: no USB-C so no future proofing. Glass casing means scratches and poor durability. The Edge screen is useless when you do a lot of typing. The SD card and SIM in the same slot, not a great combo. Poor speaker compared to G5 or HTC. DAC is not bad but not as good as the HTC. Too much bloat, so over 2gb a RAM just to run skin/Android. Too much processing of photos and the colours are not natural. Water proofing=bad second hand values as buyers are wary of water torture. Unlikely to be updated till mid 2017 with Android N. Fingerprint reader not as good as models half the price. No force touch, Samsung should be leading the field. Samsung Pay not released in the UK yet. There are plenty more so IMO over hyped and 7/10.

  6. what are those video effects called that pops feature information on the screen is would love to learn how to do it have seen it in a few videos can you point me to the right direction

  7. Good review! Not totally agreeing on the fingerprintscanner. For me it is as responsive like the one I have on my iPhone 6. For daily use I upgraded from a S6 Edge and the battery is a major improvement. Happy with it so far!

  8. I don't know about you, but the fingerprint scanner on my S7 Edge works flawlessly. More like 9 times out of 10, it works. Still, great video nonetheless!

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