Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review htt:// S7 Edge that some may not be happy about – it’s thicker than its predecessor. The Galaxy S7 Edge measures in at 150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7mm compared to 7.1mm of the S6 Edge. It’s also heavier, at 157g compared to 132g.

the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which looks a lot like the S6 Edge with its curved edge display and body comprised of a gorgeous combination of glass and metal. While some may complain, that it looks similar after spending time with it there it’s easily become more appealing than the S6 Edge + because of the way it feels in hand, the slightly smaller frame makes it easier to manage with one hand. Between the S7 and the S7 Edge we found that we tended towards the Edge because thewe’re pretty happy that Samsung decided to stick with a design that made the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge two of the most desirable phones of 2015.

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  1. There are different mode of focusing called 'metering mode'. You must "center weighted" or "Spot" focusing mode so you had this behavior. Go to camera menu and select the "matrix mode" and then it will work wonder.

  2. Note 4 is the last phone from Samsung which make sense, without the
    removal battery I can say for sure that these new variants will be dead
    as soon as the warranty is over. Samsung is playing with fire and will
    lose out much more share to iPhone because even though iPhone doesn't
    have removal battery though its battery and memory management is way
    ahead of Samsung/Android crap. I have iPhone 6 and Note 4, it's Note 4
    which need charge twice in a single day (24 hr) and it's less than a
    year old while iPhone 6 runs 2 days on single charge. Though I am not
    satisfied with either, both phone have variety of issues.

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