Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

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My full review of Samsung’s flagship smartphone for 2016, the Galaxy S7 Edge!

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44 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

  1. I wish this phone had an 5.7 or 5.8 inch screen cause the edge makes the video and pics look cropped making everything appear smaller. I should have waited for the note 6 with a flat screen.

  2. One think I can't understand. People always complain about having phones with nice feeling backcovers and then when they get such phones, most of the owners buy a case… Help me understand!

  3. Justin, just keep the videos like this one and it will pay off. I have been getting a bit bored of your videos, you just sitting and talking into the camera. But this, this was great. Keep it up!

  4. I totally agree with edge screen being far too sensitive!! I hate the fact it registers your finger when you don't want it to. And because there is basically no bezel it's very frustrating and one if the things that's putting me off. Apart from that it's Amazing!!

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