Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review – 30 Days Later

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I have been using the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for over 30 days now and I wanted to share my thoughts on it so far. I really like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and how after 30 days it still held up to my expectations. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is definitely a great phone to buy right now and the S7 Edge will not disappoint.

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48 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review – 30 Days Later

  1. you are dead wrong about the fingerprint scanner. i have been showing sooo many people who are saying the same thing, that it is not the scanner, it's YOU. when the fingerprint scanner is properly setup, it works flawlessly 10 out of 10 times, every time. you have to really move your finger around to include all of it when you set it up, and only touch it lightly before moving it off, so that you get more touches on one setting. then it will work flawlessly. it's all about how you set it up, to how well it will perform. set it up carelessly, it will perform carelessly. and even on the iphone 6s, if you touch the wrong part of your finger, it also misses.

  2. Hey Man, i just dropped by to say that your videos are amazing and that your a great human being……. u hav given me the motivation to start a tech channel in the future and i was just wondering if u could help me out by making me a logo and banner if you do its much appreciated…… PLZ reply if u can or if u can't

  3. I've seen quite a few reviews, all say waterproofing is great, but to me it's useless if it's at the expense at poor sound quality, i know people say headphones and yes I have a good pair but at times like now I'm watching your video without them, using note 4 playing music is also quite loud in the background when eg painting, my point give me good sound quality over a miniscule chance of water damage, if an idiot brought a smart phone into a shower that would be a contradiction

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