Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) Review – 3 Months Later!

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This is my comprehensive review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge! Let me know what you think down below! Thanks for watching!

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33 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) Review – 3 Months Later!

  1. Bro, to give a cleaner look (literally), make sure you clean the phones' screens and keep them clean throughout the video unless you want to make the viewers aware that it's a fingerprint magnet. Other than that, great, precise video, keep it up!

  2. At 4:15 you said camera instead of phone. just thought id point that out you might want to put a annotation or something. but besides that a really good review and new sub :)

  3. It is a very nice experience using the phone but it still has its rough edges. The camera is too oversaturated and the over-sharpening is very in-your-face. If you are into zooming photos like me, you would easily notice that zoomed portions look like pastel paintings making it fake. The rear flash is bad at lighting faces due to the lack of true-tone like dual colours. I also noticed the lag in slow motion video playback. Games also had micro stutters. Very disappointing for a flagship phone. I guess if one buys a phone to use it for a couple of years one tends to be slightly more particular about even the most minor of things. For a reviewer who would return it, the process is more objective and they may not even notice these issues because it is not their personal investment.

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