Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review

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PhoneArena reviews the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge – a new flagship-grade smartphone featuring Samsung’s fancy curved-screen technology. The Galaxy S7 edge has a larger screen than the ordinary S7, as well as a unique software feature called Edge UX. Aside from these, the S7 edge is pretty much identical to the Galaxy S7, but its futuristic appeal might prove to be likable enough in order to elevate the edge above its more conservative sibling.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review:
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49 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Review

  1. What about sound? mic and speaker – voice and music – call sound quality speaker volume.
    The most important thing about any phone. SOUND of call, ear speaker, mic, how listener hears you on the other line. Please tell me, I was so disappointed with the S5

  2. ONE day of NORMAL use? What the hell do you mean by "normal use"? I'm fine with my S7 edge for three days, mate! The on-screen time is approximately eight hours… who the hell use his phone eight hours per day? o_O
    And if you do, then don't call it "normal use", because it is not! Holy fuck, is nobody going outside anymore and talking to people face to face? -.- Eight hours on your phone… fuck me in the eye…

  3. I have a questions on this phone, I have the S5 phone its this phone better then the s5? what the difference of these 2 phones? I am thinking of getting the s7 edge

  4. If you're an Iphone lover…
    Try the S7 edge!
    Give it a shot, think about it you haven't own an edge phone before, or you haven't own a Samsung phone before …
    give it a try! and maybe you'll love it!

  5. Right from First day I facing issue of apps getting crashed most annoying is getting "Unfortunately, has stopped" reported to samsung solution provided is Factory Reset. I have told them it is reproducible when we go Gallery each time, I expected if I tell the root cause they may fix it with some patch in future. I think this is smart stay feature issue I hope Samsung will take up this issue and work for Fixing it
    Even Overheating during charging

  6. Beautiful phone and i currently own the s6 edge. I will not be continuing with samsung because no matter what they say the battery life is never long enough.

  7. I really really really want to win because I really know that this can help me in my studies, like in doing my research my projects and all that jazz. And I also want to win this Phone because I want to capture all those beautiful moments that I am going to be experiencing in my whole entire life
    And I also want to win because my recent phone just cracked and it hangs up so yeah

    Philippines here ????

  8. it's a really great phone. the only issue or complaint would be how slippery the phone is and how in a matter of days I already have marks on the back, I ordered a case and still waiting l. make sure you buy a case immediately when purchasing the phone to avoid these issues

  9. you either have a lemon, or aren't doing something right with your phone. mine's battery is superb. it lasts a day and a half almost every time, and that is with pretty heavy use. i can get six to seven, and sometimes more hours of screen on time. check xda, this is not unusual for this device. you've got something screwing with your battery, and should check it out.

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