Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review!

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Here’s our review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge thanks to AT&T! And be sure to check our our Galaxy S7 review as well as our Galaxy S7 camera comparison 🙂 Links below!
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45 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review!

  1. I'm a woman with tiny little hands and I've bought the S7 Edge. I could get used to its size in 2 days so I can use it with one hand now easily. It's so much comfortable than an bigger iPhone. And it's a real eye-candy, every time when I look at my phone, I am amazed by its beauty, its design. The screen… I'm watching movies in it and jeez, it's a real pleasure. The battery is also noticeable as mostly I just recharge it after 2 days and if I use it non-stop all day, I don't have to recharge it during the day either. I think this is the phone which is the choice of women who have small hands but need of amazing tech specs.

  2. I've had a S7 Edge from about three weeks now and let me tell you something: I don't know what phone did you test by mine gives me more than 8 hours of on-screen time. OMG :=) amazing phone!!!

  3. ya it is a good phone the s7 edge but andriod phones get slow by time and the iphone will give you the same speed result a year or two years later so any thoughts on that will the s7 edge get slow by time ? as the other galaxies have ?

  4. i like your reviews thats why I bought a black onyx samsung galaxy S7. (but not the S7 EDGE) and i am 100% satisfied. And we're in the getting to know well stage at the moment, and there are lots of exciting hidden features inside. it is a very good phone. a very classy and elegant smartphone. Samsung did really a great job with the S7 and S7 EDGE. And S7 really fits my hands. But If i want a bigger phone, i will go for the next samsung galaxy note, because i like the S-pen. I wish Samsung will make a smaller Galaxy Note. a 5.5 inch display, not too small, not too big. I thank Samsung for listening to our wishes.

  5. what a weak ass battery life for such capacity… on my s6e+ and it's 3000 mah battery I get 17-20h Stanby with 6-8h SOT any day… big up to XDA community! fck Stock!

  6. Personally I have the iPhone SE but I do like the galaxy series. If I had to choose between the 7 or the edge I would pick the regular. Smaller screen and no curved glass for my smaller hands.

  7. honesty I didn't start as a fan I heavily overlooked the first review from you but after i realised the reviews I got here were more based on the actual day to day usage that will happen if I decided to pic a device and not a review that is based to convince you to take the device partly because its something they do (reviews) and its heavily base on first impressions and before I get helpful content I'm going to have to wade quite deep in the vedio I came back and frankly haven't looked back since great job with the reviews always helpful and hope to see more☺

  8. i dont have enough money to buy the s7 edge but my money will get s6 edge plus do u think its enough for me and great phone s6 edge plus ???? and no mroe different between both or wait and save money for s7 edge ????

  9. OK so awesome review…but I know I want to get the S7 Edge but I can't decide if I want to get the AT&T version or the unlocked international version. I still currently use the HTC One M8, yeah I'm long over due to upgrade lol. Well what do think At&T or International?

  10. i returned it because when i'd be laying down using it, my hands or fingers would always be on the side of the screen, hindering my typing or scrolling. became too frustrating and i decided to return it and wait for the note 6

  11. all that industrial engineering and people stick a skin or a case… most of the time these are same people who have criticized G5 build and plastic phones…

  12. I am loving these reviews! They are incredibly fun and refreshing and I'm really hoping these tag team videos continue despite the creepy feedback you guys have been getting from some subscribers.

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