Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Preview

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Android smartphone is here! The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has got a bigger battery, a better camera, and yep…IT’S WATERPROOF! Click to see Android Central’s Samsung Galaxy S7 edge preview from the photos and footage we got in the sneak peek event a couple weeks ago.

Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge announcement:

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26 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Preview

  1. I've been looking to read comments about holding "edge" devices. In all the reviews I see, it appears the person is holding the phone very gingerly because they can't wrap their fingers around the left & right edges (as I and many people do) because it seems to effectively prevent the free hand from tapping, swiping or scrolling. For those that have edge devices, what are thoughts on this? (I'd be afraid the phone would more easily slip out of the hand that is holding the phone because it doesn't seem you can hold it firmly.)

  2. Wow, this phone is really impressive, Is really Microsoft wanting customers to get a Lumia 950 instead of this phone? I'm a Microsoft guy but the Lumia 950 looks like a toy compared to this phone.

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