Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Otterbox Symmetry case review!

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21 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Otterbox Symmetry case review!

  1. I had the pink one, and it landed face down on the road and it shattered my screen. I had a screen protector but it wasn't the gorilla tempered glass. But I've been told that the glass screen protector doesn't fit with the case. I have been doing so much research on which case is the best but I really can't find the golden ticket. They wouldn't let me switch to the regular s7 either. So yeah. Not recommended because the screen will shatter, but if you drop it on the corners it does just fine.

  2. I had a Defender on M10 and the case was awesome. However, it was bulky and wouldn't let the phone slide easily in or out of my pocket because of how "tacky" it was. Does the Symmetry produce any pocket issues?

  3. Thats a really good deal. We don't get deals like that here in UK. I've ordered the same case but in "Paris Blush" (basically a pink)… Does it look to have good drop protection? Does it cover the edge of the 7 edge? lol.. Serious question.. Hope it does as I've not found any other decent cases online for this phone. PS: I just got the phone today in Gold Platinum… Finger print crazy but it's still pretty. Decided to change from iPhone to this and so far very happy with my decision. Just need to learn the Android system. :)

  4. Guess what I bought an Incipio Stoaway case from my local t-mobile store and returned it literally after half an hour of use as it was very slippery and bulky on my Galaxy S7. Then I got an Otterbox commuter case for my S7 from my local Best Buy and returned it in an hour for the Symmetry case. Few hours later I used Samsung pay and got that $30 gift and I opted for Best Buy Gift card. Now, guess what tomorrow morning I am going to return the Symmetry case and then either buy the same again using the $30 gift card and pay only $14.99 or go for one of those Samsung Flip Cover cases for the heck of it. I know I know I am crazy ?

  5. Thank you J, grabbed one too. Mine seems to be a much tighter fit than yours, possible because mine came from Amazon so it wasn't tested by anyone in a store. If anyone buys one online I would also recommend buying a big micro SD card at the same time so you don't have to remove it multiple times. I caught the Amazon sale on Sandisk Ultra cards and managed to grab a 128GB for $35 (77% off) so keep an eye out. The case seems very solid against drops, however no case that doesn't come with a screen shield will protect against drops on an uneven surface, and I agree with J. that you can't add a screen shield with this case because it's such a tight fit, however this case is NEVER going to pop off when you drop it.

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