Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Official Real Review! The BOSS Of Phones!

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42 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Official Real Review! The BOSS Of Phones!

  1. so I just upgraded my phone from a galaxy s5 to the s7 edge can anyone give me a rundown of the main differences because there's still a lot of stuff I don't know about my phone…. and also is anyone using the Facebook messenger app if so I keep having pictures saved on my phone from when my friends send me any chance how to turn off that feature ?

  2. I like my s7 edge.  Think it is probably the best phone….Only when paired with the otterbox symmetry case.  Without it I get a lot of random letters popping up when texting or using the keyboard in general.  I got the silver version so no glass to break on the back

  3. why are you Americans so whiny about phones and breaking glass on the back really ? how did you do that the Glass is not that fragile , people keep on dropping phones then going wah the screen broke, yea that's you dropped it on concrete, the S7 edge is an amazing phone, why don't you go back to making love to your iPhone ass**

  4. What are you talking about? The Exynos 8890 Octacore (international version) has a slightly more powerful GPU then the Snapdragon 820, mostly because it's Samsung's home-made processor, build and optimised for the S7 edge. Every benchmark test proved this. Don't tell lies.

  5. hi. thanks for the video. may i ask please how do you find the battery life? i have a s6 edge and i love it but the battery is horrible. i have to charge it many times a day… is the Samsung s7 edge any better? how much better?
    Thank you.

  6. from iPhone 5 i now have switch to galaxy s7 edge gold exynos. and its duos btw because im from asia philippines. when my battery gets full 100% it quickly decrease 1% in just a minute until it gets 70% and the battery starts to decrease less like 1% in 20mins even when playing intense graphics games like nba2k16, it lasts a full day to me anyway. is it normal?? its just so annoying that my battery % decreases fast when it gets 100%. someone please reply. thanks! ?

  7. Fuck the Galaxy s7 edge…I got it and it sucks balls..I traded in my iPhone 6s Plus I'm for it and I am so disappointed. It's fucking laggy as hell. Can barely upload a snap chat without it lagging. All you reviewers who say oh the days of "android lag" or "Samsung lag" are over are freaking lying Samsung dick riders. 

  8. this might sound stupid but is it possible to buy like a phone housing (for example a s7 edge with nothing inside) then take a current phone and transfer those specs inside the other housing? Sorry if this doesn''t make sense.

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