Samsung Galaxy S7 edge hands-on

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Live from MWC 2016, PhoneArena presents a hands-on video of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.
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39 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 edge hands-on

  1. i am upgrading from iphone 6 to this, but lots of confusion, s7 or s7 edge?.. which color?… last 3 phones were black so i am thinking something new, gold seems a little flashy but also desirable… silver hits the right spot i think and anyways in yellow lighting conditions it will look as gold color… what do u think on this?

  2. Say, anyone, if you had this phone run Android 4.4 (don't ask)
    Can I have the 64GB SD card I have inside my S5 in the S7?
    Can it also support 128Gb SD cards?
    thank you

  3. WOW features that others phone already have it before. Is a phone for fans, nothing really exiting….. LG G5 have better features and even HP Elite X3 have insane specs.

  4. Oh its a compromise smart phone at least for me. No IR blaster yes I use that alot. No removable battery, that comes in handy. And not a huge fan of touchwiz and the fact that you can't use the marshmallow feature that lets you use microsd cards as internal storage.

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