Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge GTA Liberty City Gaming Review (4K)

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gaming Review testing out GTA Liberty City Gameplay.

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43 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge GTA Liberty City Gaming Review (4K)

  1. the framerate sucks. you know why? because this thing is pushing way too many pixels. who the fuck needs 4k on a 5inch screen. if the screen was 1080p the game would fly, but these idiots from samsung kill the performance of their flagships with these pointless ultra hd screens. ITS A PHONE. 1080p is more than fine!!! the game runs better on my 3.5 year old note 3.

  2. To the author, the game doesn't run at quad hd rez. No games can run at that resolution on a ps4 so never mind a phone. Just because the phone itself had a quad hd display doesn't mean ALL APPS are running at same resolution. Get your facts straight!

  3. bro can i request you to try need for speed no limits and real boxing 2 at the most android phone that game have so bad graphic, thanks if you can do that

  4. I doubt its the phone sometimes it;s just the software itself…i remember back when the s4 came out and i tried to play a nintendo ds games on it lagg as shit….but they improved the emulators over time…and they run the game just fine i mean a ps2 ran this game just fine…with it only having 4mb of ram…….while the s7 has what 4gigs of ram..

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