Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gold – Unboxing! (4K)

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Unboxing of NEW Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in Gold! Best price – US –
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41 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gold – Unboxing! (4K)

  1. I Love Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge If you want to give it to me Im so happy Please gift It to Me RESPECTIVELY…… My Birthday Is On May 30 Please make it a gift to me… Please Respectively

  2. Good vid…
    I've just ordered mine. I was originally gonna go for the black version, but changed my mind at the last minute, and went for gold. It looks stunning in your video. :-)

  3. in some asian countries, only gold and black is available. even in other parts of USA. white and silver kinda rare or just limited. i wonder why?

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