Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gold Platinum Unboxing!

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Hey what is up guys i hope you enjoyed my unboxing i am planning to make so many videos on the s7 edge! Don’t forget to comment rate and subscribe so you can stay up to date!!

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10 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gold Platinum Unboxing!

  1. hey man, from india here. just got myself the gold version too. Unfortunately they were out of stock and ill be receiving mine in 2 days. is the gold really worth it? all the forums are going ga ga over the silver platinum for me. the black is a no go as i already have a black iphone 5. so was torn between the silver and gold. but gold looks so georgeous. someone said it would be too distracting while playing games or browsing the net. how do you feel about the gold? make me feel better. how much of SOT you getting mate?

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