Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gaming Review & Game Tools

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gaming Review with tons of popular games the Galaxy S7 also has a new feature called Game Launcher with Game tools using which you can record games conserve battery life while gaming and I also show the recorded video via Game Tools that you can use to record gaming footage.

Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge is sold online in India via flipkart

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  1. I Just Bought My New S7 edge, [Exynos] And The Problem Whit It Is When I Download Big Heavy Games Like: Fifa 16, Nitro Nation, Critical Ops, Need For Speed No Limits, After I Start The Game It Says: "Nitro Nation Stoped." And Thakes Me Back To My Home Screen It Only Let Me Play Basic Small Games Like Duet, Color Switch, Subway Surfers, Etc Please Anyone Help Me.!! :(

  2. +Geekyranjit.. quite confused b/w S7 n iphone 6s… Using iphone 5s.. now i think its the right time to update.. but den Nexus 6p is also on the charts.. n i hv no particular problem with andriod.. So ur suggestions??

  3. hi!!!geekyranjit
    your phone gota crack!and i think you should buy uag case if you have one use it to keep your phone protected!!!
    AND about your video,really cool keep up the GOOD work

  4. Hi! Great video! What are all of the video games you play, as I would like to get them on the phone that I will soon buy. I have a question – which phone would you recommend? Apple iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy s7? I am a gamer.

    Thx :)

  5. Hi Sir,

    Could you please do a real time battery test of samsung galaxy s7 not the edge version with always on 4g network and give us the stats of the screen on time of this device. A video on that will be very helpful.

  6. hi ranjeet m a big fan of you n of samsung s-series too as i watched that your back is shattered n m planning to buy it but worried about back coz usually my fone slips alot so my que is does it have a gorrilla 4 or a normal glass back.
    n will i go with it

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