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Today we will be reviewing the iCarez 3D full screen tempered glass screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We’ve been looking for the best that we can find that does not present any of the issues that have all ready been identified:
– Touch sensitivity
– Adhesive issues
– Case Friendliness
– Protective
– Real, curved tempered class that covers the whole display.

Checkout this video to find out of this one ticks all the right boxes.

More installation instructions for a tempered glass screen protector can be found here:…

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22 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Full Screen Tempered Glass Screen Protector – iCarez

  1. Does the middle part of the protector touch the actual phone screen? Also was sensitivity bad to the point you can't type. I bought a generic one off eBay and the sensitivity was horrible, could not type with it.

  2. Really accurate, quick and precise with the information, love the vid, thumbs up. (just don't use the fade effect so much it's a bit annoying)

  3. My New S7 edge screen broken after I drop at my thigh height…..Now Many suggesting that tempered proof glass like this will help this kind of accidents…what's your take on this ?

  4. Found the same thing with the tempered glass screen protector we tried. The screen looked really pixelated. The bottom also creaked. Couldn't stand it… still on the lookout for a good tempered glass screen protector. Thank you for these videos!

  5. Would you give up some clarity in places to gain more adhesive? I feel like that might be the compromise needed to get a tempered glass screen protector on the s7 edge.

  6. there is no extra sensors places the phone does have three sensors two black ones that you can see and one that you really can't see but if you go on the Samsung website there's a photo where you can clearly see three sensors

  7. My sister recently got a Samsung S7 Edge, and the only available screen protectors were these dry application almost film-like protectors. I noticed near the edges it didn't apply properly.

    I really cannot imagine the S7 Edge will have much success in the screen protector area.

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