Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Full Review plus Unboxing

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Berj of Technibility unboxes and reviews the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge!

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23 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Full Review plus Unboxing

  1. get my silver titanium S7 edge from T-Mobile either Monday or Tuesday. So pumped. I heard Verizon is giving u a choice between the VR and a Samsung smartwatch. anyone know if this is true?

  2. one thing I hate about AMOLED panels are the whites they're very off colored either to pink to yellow or just not right at all. that's why IPS displays look a lot better in my opinion

  3. Omg, no one talks about the fucking fingerprint sensor. Is it better? Is it still fucking plastic so it gets scratches ? fucking hell.. TALK ABOUT THE FINGERPRINT SENSOR! DO A VIDEO NOW MAN! NOWWZZZZZ

  4. So starting by the time on the phone, at 3:32 the phone was at 100% (and per usual with Android quickly went down to 99%).

    By the time the video ended the time was 3:53 and was at 95%.

    So in about 20 minutes the phone went from 100% to 95%. Thats only 4-5% battery life loss in 20 minutes.

    Curious to see what others pull off.

  5. Think it offers a nice boost over the current ones, bigger battery, better internals, better camera. Bringing back Micro SD card and the added boost of being waterproof, also has 4gb ram over 3 which will help performance its a nice little upgrade.Most places are offering a free Gear VR head set with it so can't be bad.

  6. Why is nobody talking about the camera now at a 4×3 aspect ratio at 12mp. There is no wide-screen pics now at full resolution. That's one thing I hate about the iPhone. Good video Thanks

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