Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge First Look and Tour

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Here is our first look and hands-on tour with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. Featuring a 5.5″ QHD Super AMOLED Display, Snapdragon 820 processor, and rear-facing 12MP Dual Pixel camera, Samsung spared no expense when creating its latest range of flagship devices.

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  1. Olá, Samsung, muito lindo! Mas que ta,l o Manual de Instrução em português para nós brasileiros, seus clientes? E um funcionário de carne e osso para nos atender? Não consigo falar com vocês. Seus funcionários desligam o telefone.

  2. WHY does it look so good in ALL colors?!
    The obsidian mordor black-hole black looks great.
    This silvery iced glacier looks great.
    The pure white pearl looks great.
    And by the ancient egyptian gods, does the gold look brilliant.

    I went and reserved a gold one just due to my fascination with ancient civilizations (and thats how i view gold, not in the modern "bling gangsta" way). But honestly each and every one of the colors looks spectacular, just because of the material and glass, the way it reflects and refracts the light.
    Never said that about any other phone before, usually i only like 1 of the colors.

  3. I'm planning on buying an s7 phone, but I don't know if if should get an s7 edge or just the s7. I want the bigger battery on the edge but I like the screen size on the s7. Can someone tell me the advantages of the edge panels or link me to to page that has that info on it? thx

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