Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cases From Spigen

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cases From Spigen
Buy them here, – Thin Fit – Liquid Crystal – Ultra Hybrid – Neo Hybrid – Neo Hybrid Crystal – Slim Armor – Tough Armor – Rugged Armor – Wallet S – Crystal Shell

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25 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Cases From Spigen

  1. I have been using Spigen tough armor case for the past 2 months. It is a good looking case. One thing that I'm not so happy with this case is where the buttons are hard to be detected if you are using the phone in dark or want to do quick action with the volume rockers or power button. Maybe they should include more texture to the buttons.

  2. Is the ultra hybrid somewhat flexible? I have a carbon fiber skin on my s7 edge and only soft cases fit, but I still want a clear case to protect it from drops. If the ultra hybrid is flexible enough for me to put it on, then I would rather have that than the liquid crystal, since it's a little more durable.

  3. guys, do I really need a screen protector?
    because I bought the Spigen Slim Armor and it completely is not compatible with the ALSO Spigen Curved Crystal screen protector for s7 edge, dissappointing to see that Spigen even said it works with all Spigen cases and doesnt work with the signature Slim armor, anyone else got this problem please drop some help for me.
    also let me know if a screen protector is absolutely necessary.
    thanks a bunch guys

  4. The 3rd and the 4th are the best choices for me. I like the simplicity of the 3rd but the 4th is quite simple too and it looks very elegant and a bit more protective. So I'm gonna take the "classy" one I guess 🙂 And "it looks retarded… in a good way" XD

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