Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Biggest Flaws!

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On a phone this good, the little things can drive you nuts.

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40 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Biggest Flaws!

  1. Don't forget being unable to install fonts from other apps like iFont/Hifont or downloading them from certain websites. They either don't even support the current version of these phones or you can download them from a website using the internet browser and you can't move them to your 'Font' files in your phone storage. You'd have to pay in the Samsung app store to actually get fonts, but why the hell would anyone pay a dollar for a font or multiple fonts when they were free and simple to install onto your phone just a couple versions ago.

  2. wow bud your an idiot.. the back button on the right of the phone makes sense..just bec you haven't owned every samsung galaxy doesn't mean you can say anything about the placement of it. think about it you hold the phone in your one hand. Most ppl are right handed who in the field wants to reach across the phone to go back nobody lol dumb dumb dumb.

  3. seriously bro, fingerprints?
    common stop complaining. u complained about the plastic build on the s5 for being plastic and when Samsung made the glass build u are still making trouble

  4. if you install a app on a Sony smartphone it also goes back to the end of the app drawer and I don't see him complaining about that!
    this guy is a fucking spoiled brat who fucks iPhones for a living

  5. thanks for your review I appreciate them even in your other videos, this will be my first expensive phone lol, right now I have a galaxy light but can't wait to buy a Samsung s7

  6. this aren't flaws at all in my opinoin i have the s7 edge and the gold one and non of this things bother me may be the fingerprints a little bit but if you ad skin or a case no problem and the key board doesn't bother me at all everything is suitable.

  7. dude fuck stock Android and on screen buttons that was the worst idea ever go Samsung! also stock has such a boring user experience I'd rather get an iphone than a phone that purely runs stock fts lol

  8. I have used Samsung Android phones and prefer their button layout and their buttons over some Sony Playstation layout minus the X button, App Drawer issues Nova Launcher can help you, fingerprint issues? get a case, Flaws would of been the IR blaster removed which I used HEAVILY everyday, no removeable battery, the edge is difficult to hold due to the screen, screen protectors have issues being applied due to the curves on the screen, light up buttons can't be adjusted unless you download an app which I always have off

  9. Normally i like your videos, but this one is ridiculous. First i actually like the capacitive buttons where they are, as most people who have used Samsung for a while do. Who uses their phone stock, EVER??? i always use nova rom. And i will never understand the complaint against CHOICE? IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO HAVE CHOICES, THAN NOT TO. just delete what you don't want to use, and keep what you do. Is that really such a difficult thing to do? Not unless you're like the laziest person on the planet. It takes only a few seconds. So, with this phone being as great as it is, are those really flaws, or do lazy kids just need something to bitch about?

  10. I'm torn between the S7 and HTC 10… I listen to a lot of music (working out, yard work, etc) and have been reading that the Snapdragon 820 DAC pair on the Galaxy S7 is sub par (muddy, hissy, etc)…

    Has anyone else experienced these issues with the Galaxy S7 US variant?

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