Samsung Galaxy S7 edge – Battery Test (ALL LTE, NO WIFI)

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How much screen on time did I get?

Whoops. I gave it away in the beginning. Just pretend you didn’t see it.

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  1. In my initial days like day 2 or 3 i got around 6 hours of screen on time with total time upto 18 to 19 hours! After that. Like 4th day onwards my total time since charge is coming out to be around 21 22 hours but my screen on time hs reduced from 6 to 4.5 hours! Can you tell me a possible reason?

  2. How is this even possible? I'm lucky to get past the 4,4 hour mark. Wi-Fi, 4G and some GPS enabled, but no background scanning, no bluetooth, nfc or the likes. Regardless of tweaking (with or without package disabler) and some light diablin in the applications menu, I still don't manage to get more battery life out of my phone. Frustrating beyond words.

  3. I have a samsung s7 , battery life is shit, over half the 4gb ram goes to just run the god damn operating system, so shit battery life, and very poor operating system. samsung fuckoff.

  4. I m not sure how you got 26 plus hrs and also 6.25 hrs of screen time with full brightness screen time. you are lying or kidding me. I have tried this and I have not been able to use the phone on full brightness cause it will die in 4 hrs flat.

  5. I done understand why I'm getting like 2 to 3 hours screen on time. I saw somewhere that the tmobile versions seem to cause a lot of cell activity more than others carriers. I have my system and Android os taking both 25-30% each and the screen taking like 13%. I know this is not right but why does this happen? love your channel!!

  6. I still say the best battery life I ever had was when the Motorola Droid MAXX first came out. Have a screenshot I took of over 50 hours of battery life on one charge. It was damn impressive.

  7. I actually went from the note 5 to the s7 edge. I loved my note 5 and could go back to the note 6 as I will probably miss the spen. bit I'll say pretty impressed with the edge so far. battery easily outlasts my note 5 sot by over 2 hours. I only ran it from full charge to 1% yesterday but got 6 hours 47 minutes of screen on time. I was on WiFi for almost exactly half the time. the second half was in an area I get LTE but it goes in and out which we all know is a drain. and I Pounded it with pictures, streaming music, facebook (uploading pics) and mostly youtube. I had screen at about 75% until about 10% and dropped it to about 25% brightness. no power saving mode at all. that was first Ullman charge. I expect battery life to improve too. generally much better in the hand than the note and easier to type on. but damage that she pen was awesome. I used it for copy and paste like a mouse, screen capture/writing, and quick note from screen off. I just wish they'd make a 5.5 inch version of the note with all the features. here is hoping!

  8. awesome video. this type of a video is what I love. so much detail info. which is required. I need to see s7 also. please let me know of you know about s7 3000 mah

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