Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Life Review

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Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Life Review!
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So, whats the battery life on the Galaxy S7 Edge like? Well watch the video to see how this monstrous 3600mAh battery fares in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Thanks for Watching!
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  1. 6 Hours is still amazing but more can be achieved !

    Go to Play store and search for "package disabler pro".

    This app is specifiable for Samsung phones only . Anyhow it will cost around 60 or 70 pence but it is worth buying . This app will help you disable any and ALL apps if necessary . Amazing for removing bloatware & more effective than force stopping and disabling an app from settings .

    This will add an extra hour MINIMUM to your SOT as long as you disable all the correct apps .

    Hope this helped .

  2. Ye, rite. I always liked Samsungs, especially the Notes. I had to switch to iphones because the battery life on this thing is critically poor; it is never enough to survive a day. And it comes with crazy load of built in apps that you cannot delete, for example: FB, FB messenger, Amazon and more… I got iphone 6s PLus now. It goes two full days with a full charge, and it does not have built in shitty, unnecessary apps like FB and whatever… Plus, Siri is more helpful than "OK, Google." Samsung really should do something about the battery. they should either bring back the removable battery or just put in massive battery and make it last two full days like iphones do…

  3. 6 Hours ? That's pretty poor isn't it ? I get 8 – 9 hours Screen On Time on mine. UK version. Lots of Browsing, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Youtube. A bit of Maps, regular email checks. A mix of mobile data and wifi.

    Used to get 6 hours on my LG G3, so definitely not good for an S7.

  4. big batteries are very important to everybody especially people that run businesses that's why I always use Motorola I can get that day and half I would consider Samsung now I wish the companies would listen make them little bit thicker and make them last at least two days

  5. i just got my galaxy s7 edge 2 days ago.and my phone gets hot easy and the battery is is not all that great like you say. I don't get it? I have to save battery to make it last longer. is it me or is something wrong with my phone??? plz help

  6. In my initial days like day 2 or 3 i got around 6 hours of screen on time with total time upto 18 to 19 hours! After that. Like 4th day onwards my total time since charge is coming out to be around 21 22 hours but my screen on time hs reduced from 6 to 4.5 hours! Can you tell me a possible reason?

  7. I got my phone Saturday and it dies very fast I charge it over night and I go to school and by lunch it's at 30 to 40 percent and by the time I leave school it's at 14 15 what should I do

  8. I get 2 days usage out of my s7 edge before I even think about putting the phone on the charger I love all the new improvements the s7 edge have over the s6 edge. you will not regret it my wife love to use my phone to take selfes with.& she has a iPhone 6s but constantly picks up my phone to play with it. because it offers a lot more.

  9. This is the mistake you all youtubers do. You obviously dont compare s7e with s6e. Instead you compare s7e with s6e+. This is the ''fair'' comparison and the one that concers us

  10. I would definitely question your results. I have the S7 and I can only get 14 hours with no use. I have all background apps and services turned off. I do have the Verizon version so there are some bloat items I can't disable or turn off. Maybe that's the problem with mine. Not happy with this phone at all.

  11. Prom personal use, battery life is good, but not incredible.
    I'm getting about the same battery life as note 5. Note 5, however, had a smaller battery and a larger (not by much) screen.
    Note 2 was still the best phone I've ever had in terms of battery life. I could go all weekend, friday morning to sunday night without needing a re-charge. That's moderate use. I don't play games on my phone, just video, social media, and some work/email.
    S7 edge is good, but it did not blow me away. I'm getting about the same results as you, about a full work day, and if I don't charge overnight i can get another half of day or so the next day. I can get full 2 days if I'm easy on usage and use power saver mode on the 2nd day. I'm not complaining by any means (this is more than enough for 99% of my lifestyle) but with 3600mah battery and such an efficient screen i was expecting more. I think snapdragon 820 is just power hungry and more work could have gone in on software optimization.

  12. Well a bigger battery does work, yet Samsung fail hard on their kernels. I reach over 2-days with moderate use on my Rooted N7100 running Android 6.0.1 custom rom and Agni-Kernel. Same could be done with any other Rooted-Phone running a custom-rom and kernel

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