Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ArmorSuit Review!

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This video is about Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ArmorSuit Review!

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  1. What's going on my man? I feel your pain..I have the S7 Edge and I'm using the Spigen Curved Crystal screen protector. It's been on my phone for about a 45 days now and it's on there perfectly. I'm using the VRS desing case with it. I actually have all of the VRS cases and they all work just fine especially the High Pro Shield case because it's a two part case. You put the soft TPU around the phone first and it doesn't disturb the screen protector at all no matter how rough you are with it. Then you put the plastic frame around the TPU.

    Having said that I have been looking for a tempered glass protector. I think the only way your going to get a tempered glass protector to work on this phone is to get a case like the SUP case from Unicorn Beetle. That way you put on you tempered glass protector, place the frame of the case on top of the temptered glass screen protector and snap it into place. Then put the TPU around the phone and that should be it. Im not willing to pay 56.00 for the Invisible Shield tempered glass protector though.

    I think the most screen protector friendly case you can get for this phone is the VRS High Pro Shied case. Give that a shot.

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