Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – 30 DAYS LATER!

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Thanks to AT&T for sending me this device to review!

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specs:


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23 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – 30 DAYS LATER!

  1. Just waiting for… "This video has been sponsored by Samsung".

    I mean great video, but cmon man. Nothing bout the ridiculous price they're charing you for the 7 edge? Or the terrible, terrible speaker?

  2. i bought that phone 10days ago. when i go to camera i have small problem and i dont know if that is by the default. but when i move left, right i see lag, like 20 fps and not 60 fps. when i dont move its normal as should be. i go slow left and right and i dont like that lag, its like, something is wrong with the camera. when i go to slow motion mode, than works perfectly 60 fps 100%. is your camera doing same? my satisfaction with this phone is not that big, its so limited, many settings are missing and its annoying. about the touch wiz, to me is crap and all UI is crap, cause same shit was already on s3 and they are still selling shit UI for that price. this phone can only be good when is rooted with custom rom, otherwise is like you have a brick in your hand. the only thing i like is speaker, it has a good sound.

  3. The thing about getting a flashship phone is that… I am always afraid I might lose it, either accidentally or from theft. Whereas getting a mid-range phone, I won't even bet an eye if I lost it – and this, gives me ease of mind when I bring my phone out into the wilderness.

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