Samsung Galaxy S7 edge – 24 Hours Later

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Galaxy S7 edge Part 1:

You might say nitpicky, I say thorough. Tomato, tomato.

Posting 30 minutes early tonight.

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  1. Seriously though it seems like this is not the phone for you. Samsung goes all out with the features where as a nexus or an iPhone rely on the nice simple interface and give you the option of app downloads for customization. Having had literally every brand of phone I would be happy to elf knowledge to your channel

  2. Some of the things you noted and said your weren't sure about were the same on my S5. For example the apps button, the back button, and I think you can still customize some things you noted as different. For what it's worth I mostly use my right hand for my phone and find it convenient that the back button is on the corresponding side.

  3. Samsung s7 fingerprint reader is way faster than iphones laggy animation. Many reviewers have confirmed that, one even recorded slow motion video for "imo sceptics" ;)

  4. 4:00 i disagree, i think its far more natural on the Right side for the back button.
    Its like using a web browser on your PC, you hit backspace (on the right side of your keyboard, with your right hand), to go back.

  5. Hey I like what I like, you like what you like. I went form the note 5 to iPhone 6s Plus, it was a cool switch but I miss my Android customization so I'm getting the S7 Edge and to me if I miss Apple I got my iPad but phone wise I'm stick with the Freedom of Andriod

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