Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2 Months Later

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Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge is a gorgeous phone with some seriously incredible specs and features, but does all that shine last after 2 months? Find out in this video!

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32 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 2 Months Later

  1. The Worst Phone you can ever buy. The Main PCB of my Phone failed in less than a months time and I am forced to wait for the Spare Part to arrive. Their Replacement policy is that if the Device fails in less than a week only they offer a Replacement. A standby handset that was offered to me was a Samsung Galaxy Grand. Very poor after sales support by Samsung India! Please refrain yourself from buying this Handset! I will be posting a Video about the Failed Handset!

  2. battery life on the s7 is like the s6 unacceptable ! It is the best phone i ever had but it al falls apart when u cant go half a day without having to re-charge.

  3. Ive never understood why people want great speakers on a smartphone. It doesn't really add anything to the device. That's what earphone/headphones are for. SP speakers are tinny, even the HTC ones. Love the S7 Edge, although I think the HTC 10 has the 'edge', no pun intended!

  4. Dude, it's only been 2 months! of COURSE it should still be working, but it doesn't because it never did! all the issues you've mentioned, are HUUUGE issues!!!! what a FAIL yet people still buy it because they are hypnotized by so much Samsung marketing. Fucking retards. Buy HTC! Dammit!

  5. FUCK glass to glass phones!!! PERIOD!!!! AND annoying edge, UGHHH ! $400 to replace it!?!!? FUCK SAMSUNG! this is the phone for BIGGEST retards in the world, for REAL SHEEPLE! wow!

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