Samsung Galaxy S7 Drop Test FROM 1,000 FEET!

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This is the ultimate extreme Drop Test for the Samsung Galaxy S7 from 1,000 feet or 300 meters!

Equipment used:
– Camera: Canon 5D Mark 3, GoPro Hero 4
– Location: Guatemala

Credits: This video was possible thanks to Casa de Dios in Guatemala, Skyzimir, and the entire UnlockRiver Team.

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42 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Drop Test FROM 1,000 FEET!

  1. Dude you seriously need to stop flying above 400 feet the faa will have your ass and its people like you who have no clue what there doing with drones or what the laws are that made us good guys who fly legally have to register our drones

  2. first of all no one is gonna go 1000 feet in to the air and accidentally drop their s7,you shoul've used the money to feed the homeless i think we all know it's not gonna survive,these people are just fame whores who woul do anything to get views PS I'm NOT HATING JUST SAYING

  3. 1st of all — Its not legal to fly your drone over 400 feet .. 2nd of all everyone. they did it to get 2.2+ million views and they succeeded.

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