Samsung Galaxy S7 connector what is it really otg smart switch

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Samsung Galaxy S7 connector what is it really otg smart switch. if you are interested in more video on the Galaxy S7 check out my playlist linked below thanks

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26 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 connector what is it really otg smart switch

  1. Thank you – just what I needed tonight… mom bought a new S7 and had to transfer data from S5 to it. I know Kies doesn't work anymore for the new devices. Was confused with the SmartSwitch Desktop Tool which seems to be only for S6. And on S7 couldn't find the SmartSwitch App. Connected the cable first to S7 and then to S5, nothing happened… Well thanks to your video saw which order and where to plug in OTG, like that worked nicely.

  2. Hi there. I have a question. My current phone is a Note 3 (rooted) and I'm getting the S7 tomorrow. The question is, if I'll have to unroot in order to move some of my stuff over from the old phone to the new phone. If so, would the unroot from the SuperSU app work? I know I could just flash it stock, but I don't want to lose any data.
    Thank you and regards,

  3. So my fiance got the s7 on Friday and we are now at FRP because we had to change password, could I use this in order for a bypass? is that possible yet?

  4. good review thanks. You didn't talk about SD cards. I'm assuming nothing gets transferred from sd card to internal storage or from internal storage to sd card, or from sd card to SD card, is that correct?

  5. crazy so no knock,,,,switch trigger does? can it tranfer su binarys and apps.? to an unrooted samsung, but does it work for tab 4 sm-230nu which doesnt have otg capabilites?

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