Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases From Spigen

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases From Spigen
Buy them here, – Thin Fit – Liquid Crystal – Ultra Hybrid – Neo Hybrid Crystal – Neo Hybrid – Slim Armor – Tough Armor – Rugged Armor – Wallet S – Crystal Shell

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26 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases From Spigen

  1. Hey Flossy, Great Vids. Very Informative and entertaining. Quick Question. Do you know if any of the of the SPIGEN Cases are compatible with the Wireless Charging devices? Our new S7's are on the way and i need some spiffy cases but still wanna use the Wireless Charging . Thanks for your time and effort on these vids.

  2. Yo Floss!! enjoy watching your videos, especially when you go beast mode LMAO hella funny! was going to ask how you were able to get the Silver Samsung S7 ? I checked only found in gold and black

  3. Hey besides the slim and tough armor, which case would you say has the best drop protection? And how does said phone's drop protection compare to caseology's cases? They look similar but I know spigen has that air cushion technology.

    Love your reviews by the way. Simple, no BS. I like that.

  4. Great review! Love the humor 😉
    Gonna get an S7 in the next couple of days, so Spigen it is again. Been using the Though Armor with my S5 for two years, at work, outdoors, etc… and it hasn't let me down in any way. Very durable stuff.

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