Samsung Galaxy S7 Broken Camera Glass Lens Repair Guide

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This video shows you how to repair the cracked or scratched camera glass lens for Samsung Galaxy S7. Why don’t you replace it by yourself according to this replacement tutorial? Get original camera glass lens replacements for Samsung Galaxy S7 at Get full and original Samsung Galaxy S7 replacements at

1.Hair dryer or heat gun;
2.Guitar picks –;
3.Suction cup –;
4.Tweezers –;

1.Remove back cover.
2.Remove Camera Glass Lens.
3.Replace A New Camera Glass Lens –;
4.Install Back Glass Sticker –;
5.Put Back The Back Glass –;

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16 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Broken Camera Glass Lens Repair Guide

  1. How can you tell if the camera glass lens needs to be replaced when the glass shatters? I took off most of the shattered glass about a week ago out of boredom so I don't think the lens was affected. When I open up the camera app everything looks blury but I' not seeing anything that would hint toward a scratched lens.

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