Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Tips and Tricks

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Verizon sent me the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to try out! I completely fell in love with it! This has to be one of the best phones I’ve ever used. Once I realized …

19 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Tips and Tricks

  1. Great video! Do you know if Verizon took out the thumbprint to sign into websites? my friend has AT&T and he can do it. But I have Verizon and I can't for some reason. BTW you look Jennifer Aniston.

  2. Very informative video, good job. My girlfriend got the s7 last month, and I've been SO close to buying the s7edge more than once! But I have to wait and see what the Note 6 brings before I decide which phone to get. But the s7edge really is a great looking device!

  3. nice tips. Some of these I didn't know like the emergency feature. Man I really need this phone! My S3 with Android 6 is getting old 😀 Is it possible to remove the "swipe screen to unlock" sentence? And you should have shown the one hand mode aswell :)

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