Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Case Lineup from Otterbox!

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Commuter S7-1:11
Commuter S7 Edge-4:53
Strada S7-7:31
Symmetry S7 Edge-10:36

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21 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Case Lineup from Otterbox!

  1. I thought when the plastic is hard it's polycarbonate and when the plastic is soft it's TPU. Also, are all TPU and polycarbonate made the same? I've seen cheap cases that have TPU and PC and expensive ones that have both as well. If a cheap one looks similar and is made of the same stuff as an expensive case, wouldn't it make more sense to go with the less expensive one? Or is it less expensive because the materials are of substandard quality?

  2. I bought a couple of these cases, I have the black Strada for the S7 Edge, the Commuter and the Symmetry. I keep using the Strada more than the others as I find it to be the most protective and the leather has a very nice feel to it, only wish it had LED and front camera cutouts on the flip, why it doesn't have those cut outs is weird.

  3. @ 03:44 Otterbox missed the mark on the speaker port. For a phone with a less than optimal speaker already, I don't think I want my case to cover HALF of the speaker! My UAG cases ports are perfect, but the S7 edge's edges are so thin even with the case on it's tough to hold. Looking for a little thicker edged case for the S7 edge

  4. Hey Jeff question how secure is the fingerprint on the S7 is it stored on a Samsung server? or is it the same as how Google does with Nexus Imprint? "Where your fingerprint data is stored

    Your fingerprint data is stored securely and never leaves your device. Your data is not shared with Google or any apps on your device."

  5. Great job on the review. The otterbox cases have definitely come a long way. Is the one with the clear back a bit slippery compared to the others?

  6. I like the rugged look and protection on this awesome series of cases.. thank you Jeff..can you please make a video on the Supcase for the N6P also ?

  7. I find the only problem I have with my s6 edge is that It is super slippery, even with the case I have it just slides all the way into many DM's…

    And yes ? I am pissed that they brought out a s7 already

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