Samsung Galaxy S7 | after 3 months, does it lag now?

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In this video I’m sharing my opinion about the Samsung Galaxy S7 after using it for 3 months to see how well it aged so far.

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21 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 | after 3 months, does it lag now?

  1. Waiting for the LG G5 review and for LG to revise that phone and ditch the modular thing and put in a bigger battery. Your comments about it so far seem to further fuel my suspicion it's one of the best and more underrated phones on the market right now. Could be good news as LG prices do drop quite a lot.

  2. Thanks for making this kind of videos. I like long term reviews more than the fist impression videos. All phones are great on the first day you have them. but a review after months tells you if you should by it. I would appreciate more videos like this from you. Most long term reviews are to general and bland. I want the nitty gritty details. Thanks for efforts.

  3. my s7 is just as quick as the day I got it. very different experience to my last samsung phone.
    battery life is great for me. about 40-50 minutes of screen on time lower than the z3 for me. I'm fine with that. charge it at like 9pm or later for 10 minutes then I'm good until bed time. happy with everything except the lens on my s7 has a hairline crack. it isn't a big deal unless sun light is shinning directly on it at certain angles. purple dot will show sometimes. same problem with my z3

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