Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Unboxing and Tour!

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Active in the house! Let’s unbox it before we get into the full review.

36 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Unboxing and Tour!

  1. Nice quick mini review…my s6 active lasts forever so I'm sure this one is a two day phone…could you test the bottom speaker ? the speaker on the s6active is on the back but it's loud….

  2. LoL, I haven't been in a att store to buy from them since '09..thank goodness for nexus devices…all that bloatware… shouldn't carriers be forced to allow users an option for that shit. Congress wants to get in the business of everything else, figured this would come up…

  3. I'd really like to see you throw it on a pile of rocks, direct impact on the screen. I heard there's only 12gb of usable storage after all the bloat, is that true? Great unboxing! always descriptive, which I like ;)

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