Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Thoughts

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AT&T’s new Samsung Galaxy S7 Active makes it hard to justify buying the standard Galaxy S7. What do you guys think?

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32 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Thoughts

  1. I just like clicky clikable front-buttons xD
    Don't really care about the durability, my phone rarely drops anyway.

    That gave me an idea… Imagine if in the far future, touchscreens formed physical textures for everything that appeared on the screen! Mind-blowing.

  2. I would love this phone but given it's not stock Android and will have to wait for updates all the time then is a no go for me. I can always root it but nobody got time for that.

  3. I have had the s5 active for just about two years now and I absolutely love it. I would like to see how the two compare being as this will most likely be my next phone.

  4. Samsung has crushed pretty much all phones! Not even chinese phones these day would be able to overtake samsung! Samsung itself is a very big company, 75% bigger than Apple.
    And yes, it already overtook iPhones 1 year ago!!

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