Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review!

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active has taken everything we love about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and made it tougher, harder, cooler, and better for people with an ultra-active life. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is one of the best android phones of 2016, with one of the best smartphone cameras available, and it has a bigger battery than the Samsung Galaxy S7.

This is our full video review of the AT&T exclusive device. For even more on this phone, we’ve got:

Our FULL written review:

Galaxy S7 Active specs:

Galaxy S7 Active unboxing:

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29 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review!

  1. Thanks for preview and a good review. Well, for playing with a camera to give an Oscar! ))
    A great machine! I like it even more than Runbo F1….
    I really want this, but I am in Russia, I will try to order. All the luck! ))
    p.s: I am sorry for the machine translation)

  2. "You're still free to put whatever software and launcher you want on here… And frankly, you should. It's one of the biggest things you can do to this phone."

    This sounds like a job for Nova Launcher! (or any other replacement launcher, really)

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