Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review!

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It’s brawn vs beauty but which is better? Should you pick the rugged Samsung Galaxy S7 Active over its sexier sibling? Let’s find out in this full review.

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27 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review!

  1. I'll put $$$ that it overheats causing battery issues just like the S6 Active. Solid phones. Aside from the bloat and overheating on prolonged use; these are solid smart phones.

  2. C'mon now Lahn, do we really need overused music in the background of… tech videos? Too distracting and I've already seen other reviewers' reviews anyway.

  3. The constant music throughout this review doesn't go well with it, your voice is too quiet if you're gonna do this next time at least have your voice at a higher volume than the music you're using.

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