Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Fails Our Dunk Test | Consumer Reports

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Samsung claims its “rugged” Galaxy S7 Active can handle up to 5 feet of water for 30 minutes. Consumer Reports’ latest testing shows that wasn’t the case for the phones we tested.

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8 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Fails Our Dunk Test | Consumer Reports

  1. I have the Samsung G7 and I would not recommend it. The waterproofing makes the sound from the speaker sound tinny. And voice recognition for "voice to text" is greatly affected too! Conntinuously getting words and phrases wrong!

  2. NCIX took a bunch of phones scuba diving and this was the only one that survived and it survived much below 5 feet and longer than 30 minutes. So not sure.

  3. "Samsung said 5ft of water… so we put it in a pressurised tank" O-o . How about a more consumer focused test like dropping it into the deep end of a pool a few times. You know, how phones die every day in the real world.

  4. Just wonder why you only test a the rated depth? Why would the. test be done at 1foot intervals? Then if it past at other depths you could say it's acceptable up to x depth, so it might still be better than other cell phones that can't even take a splash.

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