Samsung Galaxy S7

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Samsung Galaxy S7 mini Review and Nexus 6P Comparison

This is a short overview of some of the main features of the Samsung galaxy S7 and how it stacks up against the Nexus 6P.
These are simply my thoughts on the Galaxy S7 in comparison to my daily driver the nexus 6P.

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13 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7

  1. @Samantha DaKoin hahaha the thumbnail with the red&blue boxing gloves? #NiceTouch good one my sister. As far as the s7 I personally dont like it because its glass & metal (which is NOT good when they heat up), a non removable battery plus the screen size is too small for me. nexus 6p is ok except I dont like on-screen buttons it as well have a non-removable battery which is a downer for me, the screen size is more to my liking.

  2. Choice is subjective, Nexus 6p is simple fluid and fast, can still hold its own with the camera, let's not forget 8mp for front facing camera, prompt security software updates, front facing speakers (sealed it fire me) and all in all a butter smooth experience. Samsung has got it's perks when it comes to features if that's your thing, but for me the simplicity and fluid os of Nexus takes my vote!

  3. I loved this video and the music. I think I would go Samsung because of the waterproofing, camera, wireless charging, and the display screen is off the hook. I do like Nexus software better and I would put Nova launcher on the Galaxy.

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