Samsung GALAXY S7 – 10 Características, novedades y Rumores (español)

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Te comentamos los últimos rumores sobre el futuro Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge que se espera que sea presentado a principios del mes de febrero. Algunas de las novedades que se especula que puede traer este nuevo terminal son: pantalla 4K, Exynos 8890 o Snapdragon 820, USB tipo C, Force Touch, reconocimiento facial, pantalla Turtle Glass y también se comenta que será un 10% más barato.

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42 Comments on Samsung GALAXY S7 – 10 Características, novedades y Rumores (español)

  1. New features of Samsung Galaxy S7 (smaller, sleeker, more ergonomic for single hand use)- See complete list below

    Always on display (Always display time, calendar, missed calls when placed on table SO you can CHECK your phone WITHOUT anyone noticing. Special ENERGY MODE to minimize battery use. Will turn off when face down or in your pocket/purse).

    Water Resistant IP68 rating (Can be submerged for 30 min in 1.5 meter or 5 feet of water)

    SD slot so you can add up to 200 GB- Multiple advantages:
    1. can work off the grid. Example: TripAdvisor allows you to download everything- map,restaurant,hotel,etc into your phone. If you are travelling in another country and only have WIFI in your hotel, you can download this into your phone without worry about memory or roaming fees. Then go travel anywhere with their map, while getting restaurant info,etc.
    2. Saves photos without worry.
    3. Download movies for your 16 hour flight.

    Faster (CPU 30% faster than S6 and GPU 60% faster than S6)

    Liquid cooling (like air conditioning for the phone)

    Larger battery size (3000 mAh for S7 and 3600 mAh for S7 Edge)

    Optimized camera for Night Life (with F1.7 aperture, smaller number is better)

    Dual pixelization Camera- Faster focus with depth perception, like using 2 eyes instead of 1. EVERY PIXEL will have ability to focus with “2 eyes”

    Motion panorama- Panaramic picture with motion. Example: See waves on an ocean move in your Panoramic photo

    Optional add on camera with WIDE angle and FISH eye Lens

    Gear 360 (Special external camera to capture everything with 360 degree lens via bluetooth connection. Size of racket ball, 30 MP camera, can create virtual reality movies, can look left,right,up,down).

    Partnership with FACEBOOK (share and experience moments like you are there in person, record a 3D experience. ONLY Samsung has OLED screens to update FASTER than your eye to create seamless experience. Requires GEAR VR equipment which has been PRE-TESTED: Over 1 million hours of videos viewed with this device already. Facebook will provide streaming to GEAR VR)

    First phone with Vulkan API (Provides PC gaming experience, can block out calls/texts, set battery usage, lock certain keys to avoid pushing wrong keys or kick yourself out by accident, record onscreen play or “screen capture” your best moments)

    Exclusive Partnership with EPIC Games

    Gear VR will work with MINECRAFT game.

    Samsung Pay (Pay with your phone over Credit Card terminal- also available on 6/6s)

    Security with Knox (as in Fort Knox, also available in other Galaxy phones)

    Other features (Must be compatible Samsung devices)- Sync your home. Your fridge can take selfies inside so you can figure out what to buy at the store if you forgot your list. Your speakers can stream different songs in different rooms. Your lights change to suit your mood.

  2. Di mi voto positivo porque lo explicas muy bien y claro, gracias. ¿pero por que nadie menciona una cosa tan crucial como la compatibilidad HDMI?. Gracias.

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