Samsung Galaxy S7 – 1 Month Later

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I share my deepest, darkest secrets with the S7. Just kidding. Here’s what I think about the phone after a month.

20 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S7 – 1 Month Later

  1. Ya if you enable developer mode you can actually speed up the animations or completely disable them. Trust me owning a s7 edge, this makes a huge difference in speed.

  2. personally i think the best designed phone was the note 4 it had everything metal band with a removable back that provided grip and looked nice without getting finger prints

  3. I must admit the s7 is my preferred choice as I had the s6 edge plus and I hated the edge display, a clear case of form over function. The battery size for me, an average user is more than enough for a day. I have never used wireless charging so I agree a metal back would have been a winner. USB -C is future proofing and that was bad by Samsung. Not a massive upgrade on the s6, just correcting the s6 mistakes, over hyped phone but a very good phone of course, but still lots of room for improvement. Please kill TW, taking 2.2gb RAM before you open an app is wrong. Video recording is well below the iPhone. Metal rather than glass. Better speakers, I don't need water proofing. Better DAC, the HTC is my choice because of this. I prefer the s6 camera as low light photography is not important to me. The gimmicky always on screen is rubbish, double tap on HTC is miles better. Have a separate SD card slot so I don't have to take the SIM out when I remove the SD card, again HTC better. 8/10.

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