Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge VS iPhone 6 – Which Should You Buy?

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Is The Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Better VS iPhone 6? See how these phones compare to each other. Complete comparison.

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48 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge VS iPhone 6 – Which Should You Buy?

  1. I love watching these comparisons and waiting to see how much of a big deal he makes the slo mo recording on the iPhone since that's it's one good camera feature lol

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  3. In my own opinion Iphone's are still better because for all them years Iphones were better then samsungs and samsungs just copied iphone 6 and made it better they waited till iphone 6 comes out so they make sure they will make it better . samsung is still worse then an iphone (in my opinion) because it has an android and I just don't like the way it works .

  4. Apple chip that is made by Samsung did you mean there? hmmmm ok so between the iPhone and Samsung what to buy? easy choice here neither, iPhone still held by by iTunes and a crap camera, Samsung the new design whilst better build quality the old plastic backs were laughable but yes meant you could change the battery, and the Samsung camera whilst better than the iPhone the way it has been added onto this new Samsung is frankly, awful, looks like an after thought. Whilst megapixels may not be everything what is important more than them is the size of the sensor and quality of lens, if both are poor a 2 meg or 20 meg camera would be crap (interesting to see the iPhone can only still use a 12 meg camera which Sony had 6 and a half years ago and a full flash too), megapixels can have an advantage in terms of the crop you can do on a photo though that should be added. So yes a no brainer here both just don't do it for me so I'll stick to my Sony xperia Z1 compact she aint perfect but better than these .

  5. How about messaging, sharing, and music. Can someone explain the difference between the S6 and the iPhone 6. I am used to all the sharing options on Android when I want to share a file and I heard thats limited on iPhone. Also I download music from my computer and download on my Samsung via USB, is music only available on iPhone via iTunes?

  6. "In good hands with Apple". I like my iPhone but I am switching to a Galaxy because I don't trust Apple after they bent me over the table and went in dry without telling me. Plus if you don't read the agreement on iPhone, you could end up becoming part of a Humancentipad according to South Park. Lol

  7. Samsung might be better hardware wise but I like apples UI. After owning a note 4 for a two years, I still found it very difficult to get around all the apps and do what I want and im pretty techkie.

  8. Considering getting the 6s Edge + as an upgrade to the iPhone 5s. My only concern is I have a MacBook pro, will I be able to transfer files to and from the Macbook to the Galaxy? and How does the battery life compare to the iPhone 6s Plus?

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