Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Sony Xperia Z3

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Gaining even more steam just in time for its impending release stateside, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is no doubt going to be a major force to be reckoned with when it’s finally unleashed. Many prized smartphones stand in its way, but as we’ve seen thus far, it has the right guts, looks, specs, and performance to propel it to the top of the food chain.
Indeed, the Sony Xperia Z3 has been making the rounds for quite some time now, and through it all, we have to continue recognizing it for the qualities that make it a phone great. In the specs sheet, the older Xperia Z3 might have a disadvantage against the latest and greatest from Sammy’s camp, however, we just can’t count out the Xperia Z3 yet – more so when it bears some characteristics that are increasingly becoming less prominent amongst flagships.

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32 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Sony Xperia Z3

  1. Don't buy Sony z3 I an owner and I fucking hate it. I had to buy 2 new cameras for it since they died without any psychical damage and now my display died so I have to pay €150 to replace. Fucking garbage good luck…

  2. I bought the z3 a week back.. Even in 2016 I thought it stood better than s6.. I love it.. Coming from LG g4, I think this phone is perfection.. Love the UI, n thats the biggest thing that stops me from getting any Samsung device.. Touchwiz! N the horrible battery life..

  3. hey guys, my iPhone 5s is broken 1 week ago due to the lack of charging and i'm planning to buy one of these phones. i'm not a heavy gamer but i use my phone a lot for texting, social media, and sometimes a little gaming. which one should i choose?

  4. there was 1 huge mistake make anyone that knows how to take pics properly with the z3. its that if u want full potential out of the 20.75mp Sony camera its that it has to be on manual mode even the professionals will tell u that ? if done that itll smash the s6 with night shots

  5. LOL! MY S6 EDGE IS A BEAST! What are those comments guyz? I dont believe anyone! You guyz are just jealous!
    S6 Edge is the best becoz….
    1) Best design of 2015

    2) AweSome Screen

    3) Crispiest Pics Ultra HD video recording.
    UHD is 2x times better than Full HD.

    4) It has a fingerprint sensor.

    5) It lasts for 5 hours max.
    (I get 5 hours of Screen-On time on this thing, playing N.O.V.A 3, Asphalt 8 and FIFA 15 for upto 15-30 each game daily alongwith 2 hours of YouTube Streaming)

    6) It has the best Graphics Processing Unit (Better than Z3)

    7) It is futuristic! 'EDGE'
    (Whenever I take out my phone, I remember that it was very hard to imagine a disPLAY with edges, 5 years ago)

    8) This guy supports fast charging!
    (Believe me, it charges super fast!)

    9) It is different from any smartphone made by Samsung. The company just did an AweSome Inception! They just got on the right track!

    10) Moreover, if you guyz think that it is fragile because it is made up of glass on the sides, then all of you are wrong. Because, the bezel is engineered such that all the impact is taken on the sides and corners.

    And if you notice, it is a little bit outside the display to protect the screen from direct impact!

    So, overall, it is not a bad phone! It is a BEAST Guyz!!!

  6. The Z3 is a better phone for many reasons and it even compares to the current release of phones. IMO the Sony phones are far underrated and after issues with Samsung I cannot wait to be a proud owner of a Z3 within a couple weeks when I'm done my contract.

  7. i really don't like s6 the s5 rules, no expandable storage non removable battery, and not water proof without those features im difinitely gonna go for sony in my future puchases…

  8. The Expedia has more camera-like features with the shutter key and the Micro SD slot for removable storage which acts like and regular digital camera. Considering it's compatible with the PlayStation; Sony, and it's battery life is great.

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