Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Sony Xperia Z3 in-depth comparison

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This is a detailed comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S6/edge and the Sony Xperia Z3.
If you think about buying either one of these, this video could maybe help you making a definite decision

Samsung Galaxy S6 review:
Sony Xperia Z3 review:
Sony Xperia Z3 – 5 months later:

00::00 Intro
00:13 Design & Build
02:29 Display
05:01 Sound
08:21 Perfomance
11:12 Battery
12:34 Software
14:13 Camera
18:02 Recap
20:29 Which one is the winner?

Wallpaper on the Z3

48 Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Sony Xperia Z3 in-depth comparison

  1. I like a device which give realistic colour and sony has been renowned for providing realistic colour whether it is on tv or smart phone whereas other company provide over exaggerate colour to fool people in thinking they have greater display. what is the point of having device that can't capture realistic colour……. IN fact what is the point of taking a picture that gives manipulated colours.

  2. Great comparison I like how you mention how your prefer other things personally which is great because as said it will always come down to preference.

    The reason i'm looking for Z3 info is because i'm upgrading to it

  3. On the Z3, the volume up/down buttons are zoom in and out, when using the phone in camera mode, so they make perfect sense being next to the camera button. Btw the S6 sounds tinny and absolutely shite compared to the Z3 when you pick them up off the table. Also the Z3 has a full range of headphone optimization for all Sony/noise cancelling headphones, which makes the device sound even better.

  4. You sided with the s6 way to much i work in t-mobile i have the g4 iphone 6 z3 and s6 edge and reg 6 z3 and g4 were way better out of the both i choose the z3 

  5. Interesting review…..I'm thinking about the Z3 ……funny how the oversaturation on the s6 camera actually helps sometimes……I would disagree with the audio review……. although hard to judge volume from video…….. but in terms of balance z3 was far more accurate while the s6 had a harsh treble boost…….of course the harsh treble boost is typical on most phones but I thought the z3 did minimize it nicely…..idk we'll see how I feel if I end up getting z3

  6. Tip for next time can you also test Front Camera in different situations, not just the back camera.
    As Selfie cameras are becoming more popular as can be seen by S6 and Z3+ having 5mp cameras.

  7. great review. Nobody talks about using the keyboard, texts, and that kind of features in their reviews. Samsung, for example, is hands down the best keyboard when it comes to bilingual keyboards: just swipe the barspace and you switch languages. With other phones it's a nightmare. How's texting and bilingual input with the Z3?

  8. I prefer the z3.  I have learned to take great pictures with it, playing around with the ISO.  Also the video is better as is closer to the real colors.  The S6 enhances the footage and you don't want that.  I also got the Sony Stereo Microphone STM10 for my phone and WOW.  The sound is amazing.  In general to me the z3 wins.  I know that the S6 has a faster processor but the z3 came out first, which means that Sony might be ahead of Samsung.  I will upgrade to Sony's z4 when is available and I know it'll kick ass.   Cheeers!!!!

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